"The 21-Day Refresh made me feel....well, 21 again!" –Erin Bell

Here's what some other dedicated "Refreshers" had to say:

I was feeling unhappy with my weight and knew I needed to lose. I was overweight and feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. I was not a fast-food- eater or junk-food- junkie, but did have some issues with portion control and ice cream! I was taking Nexium for years and wanted to eliminate it. I was weaning myself off of it when my friend introduced me to the Refresh. Just give it a try! I did and I am glad I did! Alyson's guidelines, recipes, and inspirational messages helped to make me successful! There was more than enough food to eat and NO counting calories! It felt good to know that I was eating food that my body liked, not just what I liked. I lost weight, was never hungry, eliminated Nexium completely and feel better in general. The Refresh jump-started a lifestyle I knew I needed to achieve and gave me the inspiration and will-power to continue long after the three weeks were over. —Karen H.

 I chose to do the Refresh to move myself toward a healthier way of living. I am very happy that I did. I feel so much better and I intend to make some changes in my health from here on out. The Refresh was really just a starting point for me. My entire family has benefitted from these new foods that have been introduced. I look forward to trying more of the recipes that I did not get to since I always had so many leftovers. I am most grateful to Alyson for the concise guidelines and the variety of recipes. —Marie A.

I am amazed how much my life has changed in 21 days! I have actually formed true healthy habits and crave raw foods! I was never a veggie lover, always skipped meals, and my quick metabolism made me believe I didn't need to change a thing- I've learned in 21 days how wrong I was! I am toned up, my skin looks fabulous, I've felt even tempered and happy all month and I'm getting real compliments on my overall appearance. I can't remember the last time I felt this energized and happy... it's a new me and I'm going to stick with it! Thank you so much for this wonderful Refresh! —Sophia W.
The Refresh opened my eyes to a health connection. Several years ago, I began experiencing extreme blood sugar lows - and in tests my glucose level dropped to 30. Just a year or so later, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's/Thyroiditis and given medication. My extreme sugar lows continued, even though I incorporated more protein into my meals, and ate more frequently in snack-sized portions. The Refresh inspired me to eliminate gluten, as I learned there might be a connection between celiac/gluten-intolerance and Hashimoto's. Since Refreshing and being gluten-free, I have not had a sugar crash. I feel positive and rejuvenated. The Refresh was the start of it all. —Michele M.